A chance meeting?

As often happens, our story began when two like minds met. Entrepreneurs and creators Laurent Coulloumme-Labarthe and Simon Ferniot may live on different sides of the pond, but they share a passion for a good, healthy and organic diet.

By founding Biogroupe together in 2009, they united their forces to feedthe energy of those who believe, like them, that eating is both a civic actand a daily pleasure to be shared.

Biogroupe is a human-centred adventure.

Every new arrival fortifies, completes and enriches the enterprise. We enjoy sharing our ideas and projects and using people’s energy to guide us in our path. As a group, we also feel better prepared to face challenges and learn from our mistakes.

Discover the faces of the women and men who enjoy pouring love into the design and creation of the foods that nourish and replenish your energy on a daily basis.

“Our happiness, your health” is our motto.

Team spirit also means paying attention to all the small things that make people feel happy and included. Our goal is for all of our staff to enjoy the enterprise as a common adventure rather than a solitary task. Themed dinners in celebration of every season, free outdoor sports classes or yoga classes in Mongolian yurts, a common garden greenhouse to maintain our connection with the earth, Biogroupe hives so we can witness the reproduction of living things, Love Notes to simply thank our neighbours with the stroke of a pen. 

What will we come up with next? Perhaps we’ll wait for the next springtide and go explore the beach. We strongly believe that the smile that lights up our faces will come through in the taste of our plant-based beverages and desserts. Can you feel it?


Pour toute demande de contact, écrivez-nous à info@biogroupe.com