Kombucha is a tea-based fermented beverage that has been drunk for over 2000 years. Originally from the Caucasus, naturally sparkling and tangy in addition to being packed with organic acids, Kombucha is known for its detoxifying and stimulating effects, but especially for its thirst-quenching fresh taste. Learn more about Kombucha


Produced by fermenting water and fruit with Kefir grains, this ancestral beverage from the Central Asian steppes is well known for its dietetic benefits (flora, digestion, immune system) , thanks to its abundance of good bacteria and yeast. But Karma Kefruit is first and foremost a refreshing sparkling low-sugar beverage with a delicate flavour. Treat yourself to this simple pleasure at any time of day. Know more about Kefir


Karma created the Karma Botanik plant extract beverage range just for you. Ginger and turmeric juices are freshly pressed and a hibiscus infusion added for a pure and intense flavour. Discover all of the flavour and benefits these rich and tasty organic plant-based beverages have to offer.


Let your mind carry you towards a nearby, sun-drenched and generous land. You are transported to southern Spain, where a lush plantation hosts a plant that will rejuvenate and refresh your senses. Now, take a sip of Aloe: feel its smooth and delicate juice flow down your throat, its rich and fruity flavour, and its very mild hint of acidity… All the richness of this plant and all its virtues will quench your thirst with an unequalled freshness. To now more about Aloe Vera


Is it a beer? No. It is an alcohol-free drink from England made with ginger brewed and fermented. You can drink it as is, frappé, or mixed in a cocktail. No need to think it twice: our Ginger Beer has the lowest sugar content on the market and on top of that it is eco-ftriendly. To make it, Karma macerates and ferments its squeezed ginger roots to release their power and tease your taste buds. Sensitive souls, beware!